The Houston Seminar was founded in 1977 to stimulate learning and cultural awareness by sponsoring courses on political and social issues and the arts.

The non-profit organization typically offers six to eight lecture series and tours each spring and fall. Topics may include art, music, literature, dance, theater, architecture, psychology, history, politics, the environment, or current trends and events. Courses may take the form of workshops, formal lecture series, symposia, lecture/performances or guided tours. Speakers are well known in their fields and often provide new insights as well as in-depth information for their audiences.

Scheduling is varied and flexible, with courses taking place at various times of day. Some courses are complete in one or two sessions; others meet weekly or every other week for several weeks. Some programs are held remotely via Zoom, and many of those are recorded for participants to view after the scheduled program date and time.

Formal lectures usually include a question-and-answer period. Lecture performances feature musicians, actors, directors or critics. Guided tours provide behind-the-scenes viewing of art collections, focused community project visits, architectural walks and over-looked places. Occasional study tours offer carefully planned, thoughtfully paced group travel.

A volunteer Board of Directors organizes all courses and publishes seasonal brochures and fliers. Attendance fees cover honoraria, expenses and overhead. Reduced fees are often available for students and teachers.


  • Vera Baker
  • Marcela Descalzi Brave
  • Barbara Catechis
  • Janet Clark
  • Liz Crowell
  • Erika de la Garza
  • Anne Furse
  • Marta Galicki
  • Gastonia “Terri” Goodman
  • Lynn Kelly
  • Rainey Knudson
  • Katherine Kohlmeyer
  • Nancy Manderson
  • Hadia Mawlawi
  • Judy Nyquist
  • Carol Price
  • Lourdes Remond
  • Lisa Roy
  • Phoebe Tudor
  • Carlisle Vandervoort
  • Bess Wareing
  • Ann Watson


  • Gail Adler
  • Nancy Crow Allen
  • Diane Cannon
  • Bettie Cartwright
  • Jan Cato
  • Kathleen Huggins Clarke
  • Sandy Godfrey
  • Kate Hawk
  • Nancy F. Haywood
  • Pamela Howard
  • Josephine John
  • Sis Johnson
  • Marley Lott
  • Gaye V. McCullough
  • Evelyn Thomas Nolen
  • Ann Norwood
  • Mary Flood Nugent
  • Beverly “Sam” Ramirez
  • Louisa Stude Sarofim
  • Anne Schlumberger
  • Dorothea Shaddock
  • Hinda Simon
  • Barbara Sklar
  • Josephine Powell Smith
  • Ginger Teague
  • Gay Tigner
  • Emily Todd
  • Vallette Windham