Evening Course

The Many Names of Slavery

Slavery in the nineteenth century. Convict labor and leasing in the twentieth. Mass incarceration in the twenty-first. Is there a through line? The roots of today’s inequities in Texas can…
April 14, 2020

Gender 101

What is gender? Is it something other than male and female? If so, how can that be? Are we comfortable with the possibility of that and if not, why not?…
March 26, 2020

Houston’s Japanese Garden

Entering Houston’s Japanese Garden is entering an extraordinary outdoor realm. The secluded five-acre environment is based on a traditional Japanese daimyo “stroll garden” with a stone gate and lantern, planted…
March 5, 2020

Trouble Here, Trouble There

As geopolitical tensions escalate around the world—from Venezuela’s humanitarian and political crisis, to Britain’s Brexit, to Hong Kong’s protests, to Turkey’s battle for northern Syria—the only certainty seems to be…
February 4, 2020

Strange Bedfellows: Americans in Russia

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past” —William Faulkner David Rainbow will consider critical moments in U.S.-Russian relations through the experiences of notable travelers: from John Quincy Adams,…
January 29, 2020

Seeking the Human Spirit in Opera

This course is fully subscribed. The Seeking the Human Spirit initiative at Houston Grand Opera is the largest-scale multi-year artistic initiative ever undertaken by the company. It links the multifaceted…
January 21, 2020