Recording: Women’s Reproductive Health


These two courses are designed to provide an update on the state of reproductive health in Texas. Our speakers are on the front lines of advocacy and will discuss bills being presented and evaluated by Texas legislators ranging from contraception to abortion.
October 12: This session has passed. A recording is available for purchase below. We explored policy as it relates to the Texas Legislature, which meets every other spring for five action-packed months. Experts on reproductive health and state advocacy shared updates to state law and policy after the 88th Texas Legislative Session with a focus on contraception, maternal health, and everything in between. Our speakers included Katherine Strandberg (Policy Director, Every Body Texas) and Diana Forester (Director of Health Policy, Texans Care for Children).
October 19: The second session will present a panel discussion on the current state of affairs surrounding reproductive rights in Texas. Representatives from Every Body Texas, a nonprofit organization receiving Title 10 funds for reproductive and sexual health, and several front-line providers that are experiencing the effects of new legislation will share their challenges and concerns going forward and how women are experiencing these changes in real time. Panelists will include Stephanie LeBleu (Title X Project Director, Every Body Texas), Valerie Polk (Women’s Health Provider, Jasper-Newton County Public Health District), and Jack Winn (VP Program Development, Legacy Community Health, Houston).

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