Recording: The Power Of Saying No: Learn the Art of Empowered Refusal


In this webinar, award-winning professor and researcher Dr. Vanessa Patrick delves into the new science of saying no based on her new book The Power of Saying No. She introduces the ground-breaking concept of “empowered refusal”—a proven framework for saying no that puts you in charge of your life—and reveals some surprising secrets about the power of the word no.

Dr. Patrick will share:

  • The psychology behind why we say yes when we want to say no.
  • Why empowered refusal is a valuable superskill that helps us say no in a way that does not invite pushback from others.
  • The toolkit of three competencies you need to develop to effectively communicate an empowered no response.
  • A framework to help separate the “good-for-me” from the “not-good-for-me” activities and engagements that come our way.

It’s more important than ever to protect your time, focus on your top priorities, and use the power of saying no to reach your goals at work and at home. Empowered refusal is a unique, positive, and meaning filled approach to managing your energy and ambition effectively, allowing you to make lasting, positive changes in your life. This Zoom course will be recorded and available for viewing after the course has passed.

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